Thanks for visiting our Small Change – Big Impact page.  Did you know that if every person in the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai area, spent an extra $5 per week at a local small business, that would generate an additional  $900,000 per week and a huge $46.8 million per year. That would be an incredible boost to our local economy.

The biggest employers of local people, are small businesses.  The biggest donators to local charities, local schools and local events, are small businesses.  So every cent spent, makes a difference.

Aussies Supporting Aussies

Westpac conducted a shopping survey in 2015,  which demonstrated that locals do want to “buy it local”.

Key findings from the 2015 Westpac Australia Day Report

  • 46 per cent of Australians say that buying local products to support Australian trade is the most important thing we can do to strengthen the economy in 2015
  • 9 in 10 Australians (92 per cent) feel loyal to at least one small business in their community
  • Australians spend an average of $237 per month on locally made products.
  • The most supported small businesses are:
    • Pharmacy (39 per cent feel most loyal towards, 73 per cent regularly shop at)
    • Fruit and vegetable grocer (36 per cent feel most loyal towards, 58 per cent regularly shop at)
    • Restaurant/café (24 per cent feel most loyal towards, 56 per cent regularly shop at)
  • 68 per cent of Australians wish there was more opportunity to buy locally made products and produce in their area
  • Australians show their support for small business by:
    • Recommending to family/friends/colleagues (51 per cent)
    • Going out of their way to shop there (50 per cent)
    • Paying a little bit more for products/ services (43 per cent)
  • 1 in 5 (19 per cent) Gen Ys show their support for local businesses by promoting them through social media
  • 53 per cent of Australians support local businesses as they provide a more personalised service. This is higher among the ‘builder’ demographic, at 70 per cent.

If you want to read the full survey go to:

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