Nature Notes

The migratory male Koel

Our feature writer, Nick Hodges, will tell us some wonderful stories about the wildlife in this area.


Photo: Judith Ramage

Nature Notes

Something caught my eye through the window of the national park's tea shop.  There, only three metres away, in the fork of a tree...

Wild at the Zoo A feast for opportunists!

Most people visit Taronga Zoo to see the animals but when I went along recently I found myself absorbed, not in the caged creatures,...

Those wonderful, comical puffins

The islands off the west coast of Scotland have always intrigued me - windswept, rain-lashed, distant.  Moreover there were things I had to see...

Seabirds and seasickness

I hate boats.  All that salt-spray stickiness and constant motion. It's just a pity that I feel the need to head off into the...

The curious keepers of Fraser’s Hill

As I approached Fraser's Hill, a former hill station in the Malaysian Highlands, I was greeted by a sign which read: 'Welcome to Little...

Kangaroos in our midst

The man forging up the path through the snow gums of the ACT's Namadgi National Park gestured excitedly. "Kangaroos - over there!" I detected...


A poem by Philip Larkin, ' Toads Revisited', mentions the local park where 'Characters in long coats (are) deep in the Litter Baskets'.  When...


I'm not often attacked physically but recently on a cycle ride home from the Blue Mountains, three different magpies went for me. Yes, it's...

The wildlife in your garden

It's getting dark: time for a round of the grounds. To be honest I only live in a modest three bedroom house with an...