Berowra & District Community Association (BDCA)

Representatives of the Berowra & District Community Association (BDCA) recently met a Mayoral party from Hornsby Council to discuss the Berowra Pool survey which received over 90% support for the construction of a pool facility in Berowra.  

Many of the survey comments were of a negative nature and suggested residents of Berowra and  north of Hornsby, especially children, the elderly and the battlers, who  have limited access  to a public pool, were hard done by Hornsby  Council.

The survey reflected many of the Berowra resident’s sentiments who believe that after contributing to fund many of the major facilities in the Shire, it’s now their turn.

Local residents have funded the Hornsby major cultural centre (Berowra Community Centre) by  paying a levy. Estimates suggest that would cost $10 million to build today. Residents paid a levy for Galston indoor pool and paid a levy for Epping and Hornsby pools.

Many residents north of Hornsby believe using the Bi-Centenary Grant money, promised  to go toward Berowra Pool, and for curb and guttering along Berowra Waters Road, was another broken agreement with the residents north of Hornsby.

This grant money and the 6 per cent the rate infrastructure levy, as well as S94 development funds could be used to build the pool.  The rate levy was used to construct the $25 million Hornsby Pool and S94 development funds were used to construct the $7 million Galston horse riding facility.   

It was noted that Hornsby Council was looking at other user options due to under usage and over capitalization of the Galston horse riding facility.   

HSC is not a kingdom with kings and queens.  Council is part of a democratic process where members are elected to  make decisions for the residents relating to services and facilities  based on their community needs.  And it’s the ratepayers  money.

As Hornsby Pool is full to capacity and will need to be redeveloped and upgraded.  It was recommended that a cheaper option would be to build the Berowra Pool as many of its customers come from the north of Hornsby.

The Mayoral party agreed to cooperate with BDCA to formulate a business plan and help us to get information.  

They also said that if the business plan was favorable after independent analysis the pool would be put on the infrastructure facility list ASAP.

It’s sometimes hard to be positive!

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