A lively and a little rowdy  Berowra and District Community Association (BDCA)  meeting  was held at the Old District Hall at Berowra on Wednesday February 24. No councilors were present,  however Nathan Tilbury was present at the January meeting where a representative of Sydney Water addressed the meeting about pollution in Berowra Creek and the Sewerage Treatment Plant at Hornsby.

Very lively discussion about the patient and obliging people of  the Berowra district waiting for more than 30 years for the  Berowra Pool.  Residents of Berowra and north of Hornsby especially children, the elderly and the battlers, have limited access to a public pool. Berowra residents have contributed more than their fair share to funding of major facilities in the shire.  The many business plans and reports found the Berowra pool is not only needed but financially viable. Lack of funds has been the reason given by HSC for the lack of progress of the Berowra Pool despite a $312K grant for the pool being held in the bank  for nearly 30 years, plus interest, sale of local assets/land, S94 funds, levies and  rates. It’s been  publicly stated that the new rate levy funded Hornsby Pool is full to capacity and will need to be redeveloped and up graded. Added to this, Hornsby Council is literally swimming in money due to cost cutting, development and Section 94 funds,  rate levies and sale of public assets and property, much of it north of Hornsby and the infrastructure backlog is only one per cent.  Many residents think it’s time to re-visit  Berowra pool and the BDCA have finalised a proposed survey of local residents, businesses, schools, sporting and community groups to see if it is needed. The BDCA are hopeful that Council will work with them on this project.  

The BDCA will ask Hornsby Council and local Councillors to finish the Cross Roads Park by putting in a children’s playground and equipment as per the initial plans after consultation with the community. This is a much used area in Berowra and the out dated equipment was pulled down 15 years ago and never replaced. They will also lobby HSC to  replace the  cover over the picnic table on Berowra Waters Rd Oval that was damaged but not replaced.

Parking issues at both Hornsby and Berowra were discussed. It was pointed out that there has been a huge increase in traffic and  cars parking everywhere,  up to a kilometer from the station since the $4 million  Berowra Railway car park extensions.  A suggestion was to build car parks over or near the M1 within walking distance to stations so commuters can drive in and park and leave the M1 without clogging local roads.   

Many residents question whether there were still road sweepers   to sweep leaves, litter, dog droppings etc from gutters. Negative effects include fuel for fires, blocked drains, runoff adding to the pollution  of Berowra Creek.

Council mergers were discussed as was the finance turnaround of Hornsby council  and the selling of land in all areas of Hornsby shire

There was  a suggestion that  some BDCA members could help the local scouts to remove and manage weeds around local scout hall in the same manner they had around the Girl Guide Hall and the magnificent multi million dollar resident funded Berowra Centre that is now the shires’ major performing arts centre.

The on-going Berowra pool and various other  topics were discussed:

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