Community and Loss

Quoting from letters we recently received, the Pennant Hills District Civic Trust expresses its heartfelt sadness and empathy for three events that impacted our community.

On 24 February the family home of John & Mary Baynie at 47 Oakleigh Ave, Thornleigh burned down:

“Every year…we have visited and marveled at your Christmas lights, your beautiful gardens…always the banner ‘JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON’…a nativity scene and a parachute Santa… somehow you always made it a little better every year….amazing families giving a wonderful Christmas gift to the local community.  It is unfair that horrible things can happen to good people.  Yet, as you remember all of those things that insurance can’t replace please know that your community is with you. “

There is no shortage of hair cutters in Pennant Hills – but on 4 April we lost a charismatic favourite:

“In December I got a Bellomo’s haircut, talking to Joe and Santo, a usual mix of news, gossip, short-on-the sides-please, and political roundup…Joe talked of having rebounded well from throat cancer and his voice had recovered.  Santo’s voice was never in danger – always informative.  I asked for news on the Fisher Ave development and an update on State and Federal politics.. but the important news was Josie had stopped cutting hair and bubs was due in January…Josie gave birth to beautiful Sabrina in January, but Joe was told that a secondary cancer was in his bones.  Joe went to eternity on 4 April 2016.  Joe – thanks for all of those haircuts. Bellomo clan thanks for being part of the life and colour of our community.  We grieve with you.”  

On 3 April a fire in Hornsby damaged the Community Church Hornsby and Studio ARTES – a charity that does fantastic art and drama with people with disabilities.

“We express our support for Studio ARTES from down the road in Pennant Hills… the PHDCT supports your fundraiser and we will ask our members to also.…..Community involves acceptance of differences, accommodating others and the concept of inclusion of those members of our society with disabilities.  I was delighted to learn that another community organization that we know well – Hornsby Art Society – has helped temporarily accommodate Studio ARTES into their premises at Wallarobah.  Thank you HAS, and Hornsby Council for making this temporary accommodation possible.

To make a tax deductible gift go to:!fire-appeal/ze

Andrew Wilson
President, Pennant Hills District Civic Trust

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