Di Bowles

The Brooklyn community is beautiful and unique. Not only is it made up of the residents of Brooklyn, it also includes the river communities of Dangar Island, Milsons Passage and Sunny Corner in the Hornsby Shire, and also Wobby, Mooney Mooney, Bar Point and Cogra Bay in the Gosford shire.  

Most of the river residents use Brooklyn as their service hub.  They use the pharmacy, health centre, shops, post office, pub and restaurants.  

The eclectic group of people that live here are business owners, artists, musicians, city commuters, fishermen, tourist operators, architects, IT gurus and more.  It is a place where people know your name.  

The majority of people choose to live here because of the sheer beauty of the environs.  We are surrounded by incredible scenery.  The mighty Hawkesbury is our front yard and the parks our back yard.  We passionately care about the waterways and bushlands.

Some readers might already be aware a Brooklyn Masterplan is underway for our wonderful village.  Many community residents want the Masterplan to go ahead in order to fix our parking issues and to clean up some of our old dilapidated council buildings.  We also would like to have a community hall to hold an events for over 60 people that would be weatherproof.  Many of us think our village is due for a freshening up.  

The Council undertook a survey in March 2015 to inform the Brooklyn Masterplan.  The survey results strongly support that most Community Survey respondents highly value the small village character and look of Brooklyn, the river and the surrounding natural environment, and that they want those values conserved.  Additionally, the visitors indicated that they liked the water, access to transport and facilities, the quiet, the atmosphere and fish n’ chips.

The Masterplan will be led by a lead consultant and the consultant would be responsible for coordinating and delivering a range of tasks that would inform the development of the draft Masterplan.  A community reference group will be part of the consultation process.  

Even though the local residents have only 35 per cent representation on the Masterplan’s community reference group, we are hopeful that our voices will be heard.  We will work closely with the Council and remain vigilant that the Councillors stay focussed on these agreed upon outcomes to keep our small village the known gem that it currently is.  If you would like to be kept up to date please go to  https://www.facebook.com/BCAMasterplan.  

Di Bowles is President of the Brooklyn Community Association.
For more info or membership enquiries email :

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