The Friends of Mount Colah group (FOMC) was excited to be part of the launch of Hornsby Council’s Healthy Living Festival. Held throughout April, the festival features over 70 events  helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

A great way for residents to get involved in community activities and make new friends, the launch day was great fun! featured a market filled with local performers, handcrafts, community groups and businesses. Some activities included dancing, cooking classes, meditation and health seminars.and most importantly, have some fun!

The stalls were colourful, vibrant and inviting. Against the backdrop of a beautiful, sunny autumn day it was a great showcase of what our region has to offer.

The FOMC we were fortunate enough to meet other community groups such as the Hornsby Laughter Club and the Australasian Order of Old Blokes and Sheilas (AOOB).

The Hornsby Laughter Club believes that laughter has amazing physical and psychological benefits. They meet every Saturday at 9am at Hornsby Park for Laughter Yoga. This type of yoga involves 30 minutes of laughter and stretching followed by a social catch up afterwards. One member was telling us about how the club has changed her life for the better and she is now a regular attendee.

The AOOB is an organisation based on fellowship and fun. Their purpose is to raise funds for different charities across Australia. Some charities they have helped include children’s charities, the fight against cancer and disaster relief. They host raffles, BBQs, race days, quiz nights and other social events in an effort to raise money and awareness of their cause.

All of the groups we spoke to have a common theme: to promote a greater sense of community and to encourage social wellbeing.

FOMC’s motto is “Bringing the Mount Colah community together.” We believe that connecting with our neighbours and building relationships with the people around you can bring about positive change. Social connection is really important as it helps us feel better and reduces the risk of isolation and loneliness.

It was great to hear the good work so many groups at the festival had done and continue to do. It has inspired us to keep going and hopefully “bring the Mount Colah community together.”

Susan Low is Secretary of the FOMC and the owner of Mt Colah Pharmacy and Post Office.
email: OR Facebook “Friends of Mount Colah”

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