In the February edition of The Chronicle, Pennant Hills District Civic Trust (PH Trust) expressed concern about a proposal to use suburban Victoria Rd, Pennant Hills as a NorthConnex truck haulage route.  Let’s celebrate because we have been informed that RMS will not support Victoria Rd for spoil haulage movements.

The “Wilson Road Tunnel Support Facility” is the big shed on the corner of Pennant Hills Rd and Wilson Rd.  Up to 300 trucks a day will exit this facility.

We were very concerned when the NorthConnex construction contractor, the Lend Lease Bouygues Joint Venture (the Contractor) proposed a “turning circle” that included Victoria Rd Pennant Hills. The Contractor claimed this route to be “all sub-arterial or arterial roads currently used by the freight industry and public bus transport” and that “local councils have been consulted and no objections have been noted.”

The PH Trust first called out that this ‘turning circle’ was outside the Planning Approval in a letter to the Dept of Planning in July 2015, and made a detailed submission to the Ministers of Roads and Planning in December 2015.


No replies to the December submission before the February deadline of the Chronicle.

PH Trust on 3.2.2016 invited Damien Tudehope to our February meeting on 11.2.2016, with advanced notice of our community issues.  

During the next three weeks we received responses from delegates from the Ministers for Planning and Roads and we spoke to the Contractor and RMS.

Minister for Planning: – “haulage routes are still under consideration…will need to comply with the relevant requirements”.

Minister for Roads:  – the Victoria Road route has not been approved, but the “Contractor is currently investigating …….alternative spoil haulage routes around the Wilson Road compound” …. to be submitted to RMS, then considered.  Direct further questions to Daniel Powrie at RMS.

Contractor’s community representative said to me on 8.2.2016 that Victoria Road could not be ruled out because they were still investigating all spoil haulage routes.

With Damien Tudehope’s assistance we communicated with the RMS Project Director, Daniel Powrie and on 22.2.2016 received an email with:

“the use of Victoria Road for spoil haulage movements, is deemed by RMS not to be consistent with the EIS and RMS will not support this haulage route.”

Thank you Damien and Daniel.  We trust that this matter is now put to sleep. In relation to other matters we will continue to advocate for our local interests, where possible working with our elected representatives: Matt Kean, Damien Tudehope and Philip Ruddock. __________________________________________________
Andrew Wilson is President of the Pennant Hills District Civic Trust
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