Are you as frustrated as I am? Not being listened to? But wait it’s not the better half ignoring you this time, it’s people you elect to represent you.A survey conducted over the past month has produced remarkable results. Contact BDCA for facts. It’s open even for councillors to look at.

After eight years of pursuing council over an issue we were knocked back time after time. Times when councillors cheered us on in our rush to the finish line only to have some bureaucrat whip the rug from under our feet. Promised funds set aside for the purpose were removed. Even told by councillors the treatment was far from fair.

Personally, I’ve had a gut-full. Current councillors advised that the community was not in favour of a push for a solution. Also, residents in other parts of the shire were fed up with the whine from this small group. The Mayor said as long as he was in power it will never happen, but if we submitted a very detailed business plan they would consider it. Will they?

My New Year resolution for my remaining time on this earth was to enjoy more pleasant pursuits. However, a member of our association was determined to conduct a meaningful survey of local residents and any other shire ward residents who wished join in. This survey ran for two months and it looks like a meaningful response was achieved. The results proved, beyond any doubt, that locals have shown their desire and need for Hornsby Council to get off its collective hands and resolve in a positive manner the issues in this part of the shire as well as others.

They need to listen to the populace and carry out our needs instead they put developer’s profits before locals, locals responsible for the good health of Hornsby Shire. High rise apartments promoted to accommodate a population growth of non locals who will maybe try to assert their wants and needs over ours.

Councillors where is the justice? Why are you not listening?

My earlier piece about our once magic waterways now polluted from sewage run off on high rainfall days will only get many times worse when the rezoned areas are fully built and occupied. Sydney Water is making a presentation to the Hornsby Conservation Society (May 16 Hornsby Library 7pm).

Meantime, back at the ranch, we guess councillors’ have their agenda’s full with getting re-elected. So once again we will have to go cap in hand to have our issue(s) resolved.

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