BDCA meeting and discussion


The Berowra and District Community Association (BDCA) AGM and meeting was held at the Old District Hall at Berowra on Wednesday July 24. No councillors were present. Everyone was polite, with some a little noisy! Here are some of the issues we discussed:

* The BDCA voiced its support for Hornsby getting more public ovals and open space with the purchase of the old Sydney Water site at Westleigh. The $21 million purchase of the site, plus the reported $15 million to remediate the old pan treatment plant needs to be clarified, as does the suggestion that some of the land is to be used for housing. Hornsby Quarry and Berowra pool come to mind, so we will try again to get information from HSC and state MP Matt Keen.

* Interestingly the Environmental Protection Agency approached the BDCA to address its next meeting on August 24 in relation to pollution entering Berowra Creek and Berowra Waters. This will be a very interesting discussion as an independent analysis and readily available documentation showed high pollution readings coming from Hornsby Sewer Treatment Plant. At meetings the BDCA had with Sydney Water, they said they believed that much of the pollution came from other sources up-stream in Dog Pound Creek. The catchment area includes residential and industrial areas and some areas previously used for dog pounds and the old pan toilet service effluent treatment plant sold to Hornsby Council by Sydney Water discussed above.

*Positive issues for the local community include the building of covered areas over tables and seating at Berowra Oval and the non dog area of Cross Roads Park, although it is still in need of a proper children’s play area to replace the one removed over 10 years ago. Footpaths and road improvements have been  built in some areas. Also, the state government is providing $4.8 million to upgrade Hornsby Sewer Treatment Plants.

*The proposed removal of play equipment by National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) at the Barnett’s Road Lookout in Berowra Heights was cancelled when residents found out and lobbied NPWS and local councillors to have it remain intact. This is a much-used facility and in fact the BDCA believes it should have the toilet facility built as per the original plan. We keep up the struggle!

Mick Marr is the chair of the Berowra and District Community Association. Email:

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