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Here’s my $5 – small change – big impact

Do you know what the effect would be if every adult resident in the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai Council areas spent an extra $5 a week in a locally run business? Given there around 180,000 adults living here, that equates to $900,000 per week – or a whopping $46.8m per year. That would have a hugely positive impact on all of those small businesses – increasing turnover, allowing them to boost their product range and employ more staff.  Research studies show that for every $100 spent at local, independent stores, $68 returns to the community, while the same amount spent at national chains results in $43 staying within community borders.

Small businesses support the community by donating prizes to school fetes, charity and fundraising events. As they say, what comes around, goes around.

So please support our shop local ‘Here’s my $5’ campaign. Small Change – Big Impact!

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