The proposal by Hornsby Council to landscape the Beecroft Memorial Gardens has generated a huge amount of feedback during the community consultation phase of the project. So much so that the Trust has been inundated with responses and we requested a special meeting with the council team. We are happy to report council is taking on board a lot of the feedback and coming back with a new plan.

The general summary of the feedback was to create a more usable open space by reducing park clutter, incorporating more heritage elements in the design, better planning of pedestrian access to the park and new hard surfaces nearby the wall memorial. We look forward to seeing the next design.

The next part of the proposal includes building a car park at the community centre. Hall users have long requested a car park to unload goods and provide better disabled access to the hall. It seems the usage of the hall has dropped while similar facilities with parking in other areas have increased their usage. Community feedback has been mixed with some raising traffic issues with the ingress and egress points, others concerned about risks to school children and others not wanting to lose the green open space.

The Trust has circulated a survey to seek more community opinion. So if you’re interested, please visit our website or Facebook page and complete the survey.

The Trust would like to congratulate the Beecroft Cheltenham Lions Club for putting on another beautiful Beecroft in Bloom. Our village came to life with the onset of spring and there was potted colour everywhere. Without the help of all these volunteers these events would not happen. If you want to support any local group, I would encourage you to get in touch. We all need your support.

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