Brooklyn , a small but very complex Master Plan proce

As many of you might be aware, Brooklyn is undergoing a Brooklyn Improvement Masterplan. Lots of Brooklyn and river residents were surveyed by Hornsby Council about what they’d like to see in Brooklyn in 2014. Additionally, tourists and randomly selected people in the Shire were asked what changes they’d like in Brooklyn. Results were collated and shared.

Three out of five vision statements that had an 80% strongly agree/ agreed response were:

To keep:

  • the village atmosphere (character, old world charm),
  • the small community (sense of community feel, camaraderie/belonging, and
  • the place (peaceful, pleasant, delightful, and natural)

So for the appointed consultants, McGregor Coxall, we imagine this will be a very complex task to improve Brooklyn whilst keeping the small community/village atmosphere feel. How do you change things and ensure these desired traits remain intact? Is there a balance where it all tips over and we forever lose that wonderful place that people hold so dear?  

We hope that the appropriate local, state and federal government bodies that recognise and agree that Brooklyn is an amazing place for people to visit, will understand that they’ll need to invest. We ask that they don’t default to depending on Section 94 funds from developers.

Improvements such as better access to the rail station, better parking facilities that are not located on the beautiful foreshore, and cycleways, will all go a long way to improving Brooklyn and keeping our small village atmosphere. We need the sort of basic infrastructure that all communities require.  

We continue to remain optimistic that the planning process will be able to maintain the delicate balance of a village with character surrounded by national parks and water, with the need for improvement.

And for those of you that might like to experience this wonderful village, visit the Brooklyn Spring Fair on Sunday September 25th from 10-4.  Oysters and prawns, wonderful music, fantastic stalls and the infamous Pony Poo will all be going on in our lovely community!

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