John Farquhar Vice Chairman Berowra District Community Association
John Farquhar Vice Chairman Berowra District Community Association

The Monthly Chronicle article on Hornsby Pool was of high interest, costing $27m for a facility that seems less than satisfactory. It was reported that many long term users have moved on. Stories of bad experiences backed up the Chronicle report.

Parking around Berowra Station had many spitting chips, and surveys showed Central Coast commuters using Berowra station adding to our own growing problem. The State Government’s response or solution is promising an upgrade at Hornsby station.

The quarry filling and reconstruction – delays and cost increases are watched with interest.

Safety issues – slippery road surface conditions on the highway; a footpath continually running with water and the car park overflow obstructing pedestrian vision.

The main topic was an email from our A ward councillor in response to our request for information and invitation to our meeting with not a polite decline but a tirade about our chairman being a Labour party member and driving the Association seemingly to suit his political aspirations.

I guess he would not do so in his cricket association and he makes the claims while deliberately avoiding our meetings.

Our councillor not only refused to attend our meeting but requested time consuming individual contact. It seems the councillor believes that our chairman is locked into standing for council and being led by a Labour party driven community Association.

Now while we don’t air our Association debates in public (you have to come to the meeting), I can assure the councillor that, what could only be described as robust discussions get resolved democratically in the best interests of our local area.

While never discussed I suspect there is equal numbers of Green, Labour and Liberal policy thinkers as well as non party aligned people in our Association and it must be similar in other groups. Debate must be encouraged at all levels and the community is usually the first step.

We hope it will continue forever and hope it does in your community.

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