Brooklyn Spring Fair

Di Bowles
Di Bowles

It was a great day at the Brooklyn Spring Fair.  The Brooklyn Community Association (BCA) set up a stall to talk with locals about the BCA and what we do for our community.  We also sold raffle tickets for an array of tasty local fresh seafood which was donated by Lifeboat Seafood.  A very interesting and funny game, Brooklyn Masterplan ‘Monopoly’ was created and many passers-by stopped in to take a look and have a laugh.

One of my favourites community cards read: ‘You have created a gourmet cuisine using lantana and brush turkey – collect $50.’ We were fortunate to meet our local member Julian Leeser at our stall who stopped in to introduce himself and see what the BCA was about.

We were there for a serious matter too – to ensure that everyone in our community is aware of the Brooklyn Masterplan and to encourage all to participate in its future.  We steered them to the Hornsby Council and consultant’s tent where they asked people for their ‘Big Idea’ for Brooklyn and listened to complaints and suggestions.

No surprise that the biggest wish so far is to keep the village atmosphere and the sense of small community – looking after each other and helping out. The most frequent complaint is the parking – moving it from the waterfront and making sure there is enough for river communities, visitors and residents to come down and use the shops without taking over the town and foreshores.  It would be a huge benefit to have the footpath finished to encourage those that are able to walk and bicycle into town.  

We look forward to seeing the ideas that the consultant will have to ensure that these are addressed.  

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