Column 8’s local winner

With a penchant for the pedantic and aversion to rogue apostrophes, Allan Gibson was always going to be a dead-cert for regular contributions to Column 8.

Now a poll of the column’s most prodigious contributors to the Sydney Morning Herald’s much-loved column, has revealed the 68 year-old Cherrybrook banker has polled in the top four for sheer volume and veracity of missives sent to Granny over a 20 year span.

“I recently asked Column 8 why there are more death notices on a Wednesday rather than Saturdays – and it prompted my name to appear in Column 8 for three days in a row!” said Gibson, whose name has appeared in the column 59 times to date.

What’s got his goat or tickled his funny bone over the years includes a few common to most Granny scribes, including “misplaced apostrophes, TV news astons with spelling errors, ambiguous road signs, failing public transport and government departments.”

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