South Dural’s 3,000 new homes – have your say

Residents across north western Sydney are being asked to comment on plans to build nearly 3,000 homes in the South Dural development.

Hornsby Council is looking into significant re-zoning of 250 hectares of rural land bound by New Line, Old Northern and Hastings Roads to allow for residential subdivision, and wants public opinion about the re-zoning.

Developers Lyon Group Australia and Folkestone Ltd have in their sights building units, townhouses and houses in a staggered development, starting in 2019. The new-look suburb is dependent on Council’s re-zoning rural land for urban use, amending lot sizes and buildings heights, the creating of five precincts to be the subject of future detailed urban layout plans and allowing around 113 hectares of infill residential development. The plans include using existing roads as well as building a new collector road, plus providing a sports field and local parks, while 62ha of threatened and endangered native forest along the Georges River will be left untouched.

Residents’ Infrastructure and Planning Alliance spokesperson Andrew Harrington said: “The piece of land known as South Dural is equivalent to 129 Sydney Cricket Grounds and is intended to deliver 2,900 homes including apartments up to six storeys high, and house up to 9,000 people. This will place extra pressure on schools, roads, transport services, and shopping facilities.

“The proposal doesn’t include any plans for the development of the road infrastructure surrounding it. These roads are already at capacity so it’s unthinkable how they’ll cope when there are an extra 9,000 people using them.”

But Lyon Group spokesman Mike Milliken said that “there’s no question the roads around South Dural are failing; our proposal seeks to be the catalyst to not only fix this but to upgrade roads as new housing comes on line.”

Schools are another concern. “Take Cherrybrook Technology High School – already one of the largest in the state with over 2,000 students. With no school facilities included as part of the South Dural development, there will simply be nowhere for high school age children to go. The end result is that they will have to be shoehorned into Cherrybrook Tech and surrounding schools.”

Hornsby Council wants public feedback regarding the rezoning, until December 2, via email:

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