Pennant Hills speaks out

More trees around the town centre, a multi-storey car park, pedestrianised streets for outdoor dining and greater environmental sustainability are all on the list of town centre improvements Pennant Hills residents are wanting, according to a recent survey.

Put out by the Pennant Hills District Civic Trust, the wide-ranging Town Centre Masterplan survey was designed to gauge what locals want to see in their town, 44% who’d lived in the area for over 20 years.

Most were unanimous in saying the town centre lacked a focus like a mall, with many wanting to see the shopping precincts of Yarrara Road, Market Place, Pennant Hills Road commercial strip and Hillcrest Arcades developed as an integrated business and shopping centre.

Other popular suggested improvements included connecting the library, Wollundry Park and the Community Centre to the shopping precinct, one way streets to improve traffic flow, better mobility and the need for a retail type shopping mall.

What got the thumbs down was fast food outlets or large supermarkets in the town centre, and high density apartments taller than eight storeys anywhere other than between Pennant Hills Road and the railway line.

PHDCT Andrew Wilson said: “We were very pleased with the survey responses on what is required in a town centre planning strategy to preserve the good aspects of Pennant Hills, while creating a vibrant 21st century town centre.

“We presented the results to HSC Councillors and planning staff and are encouraged by their positive reactions to this community input. As the Council works through their much wider community survey (which started last month) and seeks input from across our community, we look forward to working with all stakeholders as the Pennant Hills Town Centre Master Plan unfolds

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