And now for some good news…

RELAX – it’s official. Where you live is one of the safest and crime-free places in the state

While traffic jams to the beach or kids underfoot mean your stress levels may be rocketing, take some comfort that compared to the rest of the state, Ku ring gai and Hornsby Shires do well when it comes to crime.

Analysis of NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research statistics has found that Ku ring gai and Hornsby’s overall rate of that crime is half, or less than half, the NSW rate.

Domestic assault in Ku ring gai is just one fifth what it is for the rest of NSW  – in the year to June 2016, the rate of assaults per 100,000 people was 388 across the state, and just 68 per 100,000 people in Ku-ring-gai, and 103 per 100,000 in Hornsby.

Outside the home, in cases of non-domestic assault like road rage, pub fights and neighbour disputes, again the two areas stood out as safe as houses – 69 and 136 in Ku ring gai and Hornsby respectively, for every 100,000 people, though curiously Ku ring gai’s was a 40% increase on last year’s figures.

Robberies were also comfortingly low – with 4 in Ku ring gai and 6 in Hornsby per 100,000, compared to the local government area average in NSW of 31. Compare that to Blacktown at 74 or Parramatta at 61 and it’s undoubtedly good news.

Other figures showed that sexual offences were down by a considerable 40% on the north shore while breaking and entering in Hornsby was down by nearly the same. And as you pour yourself another pinot, bare in mind that exceeding the speed legal limit in both areas was up, so take care on the roads over the holidays.

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