Older activity – how to keep going

As a physiotherapist who’s seen plenty of seniors over the decades I have been in practice, the same issue crops up time and again for the over sixties: how do I keep fit and active as I get older? My answer? Keep going, don’t stop. And here are a raft of suggestions to make this work for you….

  • Do daily physical activity. Walking is easiest – 30 minutes on most days
  • Limit your total passive inactivity, especially TV watching. If you can, limit your use of a car for small errands
  • Do a variety of exercise – gardening, pottering around, join a gym or class that exercises arms and legs like pilates
  • Avoid silly injuries. Fellas – think about when would be best to stop using ladders, and stop cleaning the roof yourself. For everyone  – take care lifting the grandchildren and be careful of tripping over discarded toys
  • Avoid getting worn out by must do’s. Tiredness results in injuries.
  • Gardening is good but maybe some jobs – heavy lifting – will have to be done someone you get in to help
  • If you have an ache or a pain, get it looked at. See your GP for a check-up or your physiotherapist for advice. Don’t manage your pain by limiting your activity – that will make things worse
  • Do activities with others like walking or cycling with your mates
  • If you want to upgrade your activity, get advice and have it written down.

And don’t forget:

  • Eat healthily
  • Drink in moderation
  • Look after your mental health and well-being
  • Stay connected to others.

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