Changes to the Aged Care system

Seniors Week is a great time to reflect on the innovative changes to the Aged Care system in Australia.  Most of us want to be able to stay in our own homes, and live as independently as possible for as long as possible.  

For the first time, with this new system, consumers have the flexibility to choose the services that they want, as well as being able to choose who’ll deliver their services. This system is called Consumer Directed Care and it is being celebrated as the most important and exciting reform ever introduced!

The process for obtaining services has been simplified.  A call to My Aged Care on 1800 200 422, gets the process started. There is information available on their website, that explains all about the new system.

There are criteria to see if you are eligible, and if you are, you’ll be assessed for a Home Care Package.  These come in four levels, and are graded according to your individual needs. When you receive your approval for a package, you can select the provider that you want to deliver your services.  

This gives you control!  You may choose to have your meals prepared, or to have assistance with your domestic tasks, or you may choose to be driven to your exercise classes, taken shopping – or you might need assistance with your shower. It’s all about what your needs are, instead of the old system where you were told what you had to have! It’s important for carers to have a break too, so they may choose to have time out, while a worker supports the person to whom they provide care.  

It’s your choice regarding the services that you have, when they’re delivered, and by whom. Often simple supports like some domestic assistance and meal preparation allow you to use your energies for more exciting pursuits like social occasions, outings, and hobbies – all things which increase your well-being and ward off illness.  

Organisations like Just Better Care Hills District offer many and varied services to support you to live at home as independently as possible for as long as possible, by assisting you to select the services that best reflect your lifestyle and what you value most.

Sue Buckle is a Registered Nurse and owns and operates Just Better Care
Hills District

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