It’s a NO for South Dural – for the moment

A unanimous vote by Hornsby councillors against developing South Dural has halted the controversial development in its tracks.

Councillors voted unanimously to stop the evaluation programme – conducted by independent experts, paid for by the developers and overseen by the council – until an infrastructure plan is prepared with the support of the NSW Government, including how to pay for the badly-needed roads upgrade

“From the very beginning we’ve been concerned by the increase in traffic this proposed development would cause, particularly on New Line Road and Old Northern Road which are already overburdened,” Mayor Steve Russell said. “We’ve always said that we won’t allow this to move forward unless the Government is by our side with infrastructure funding that will make it feasible.”

It’s still not certain the money will be provided by state government however, and Council is now seeking a meeting with the Government and Hills Council to develop an infrastructure funding plan.

Cllr Nathan Tilbury told the Monthly Chronicle: “While the proponent included a financial contribution to the upgrade of infrastructure in the area including works to New line Road, this was staged over a long time frame.”

Mike Milliken, from developers Lyon said it had committed $119 million in staggered funds to “a $158 million problem”, and that it would work with the Government to resolve the infrastructure issue, to enable the development to continue. “Folkestone-Lyon as a landowner and developer proponent remains committed to the proposal and is engaged in discussions with the NSW Department of Planning, to solve the funding gap,” he said.

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