Pennant Hills is changing!

Annemarie Diepenbroek
Annemarie Diepenbroek

My story is not unusual: I arrived in Australia from Europe, the Netherlands in my case, when my company invited me to work here for three years initially, after which I couldn’t say goodbye and settled in beautiful Pennant Hills.

I settled here because Pennant Hills reminded me of The Netherlands. Yes, you read that right. Pennant Hills offers a beautiful station and a tiny city center that create a village atmosphere.

The community is diverse and united and the station, churches, primary and high schools, shops, library, pub and sporting fields are all located within a 2 km radius of one another, creating a strong sense of community where people feel safe and happy and visitors love to stop. It’s a rare find.

What’s even more special is Pennant Hill’s history dating back to the early 1800s. Someone with great insight approved a station which opened in 1886 and made the suburb thrive, well before cars arrived.

Cars were a blessing initially but soon became a curse,clogging Pennant Hills Road. However, lo and behold, a team with great insight again approved a tunnel underneath our main road and an extra railway line to go with it. Can I just say: planning is key.

Coming from the Netherlands where everything is planned and the country is regarded as beautiful, I can only shout out that we need more planning, not less in Sydney. Think of the alternative: unrestricted ad-hoc growth where irrevocable changes can affect the future of our suburb, negatively and permanently.

We are so happy to hear that Hornsby Council has finally given the so important ‘go’ signal for a new Pennant Hills Master Plan which would align traffic with population, and improve facilities. Everyone you ask has a vision for Pennant Hills, a plan can bring these visions together. If you haven’t visited Pennant Hills recently: please stop by and don’t be a stranger, have a look for yourself and have your say on the Master Plan, more details here:

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