When are we getting our pool?

Mick Marr
Mick Marr

At the latest Berowra and District Community Association meeting, the Berowra Pool Feasibility /Business Study done last year, that was presented to Council for consideration was the main topic.

The Study which attracted 600 respondents, has shown there is a community need for the Berowra Pool and that, if there is a swimming pool available, more people would prefer it above other sporting activities  – except walking or aerobics. It’s also been shown that a pool is considerably cheaper to buy and maintain than playing fields and other facilities for the same number of participants.

A pool provides both formal and informal access to facilities that improve people’s’ lives, especially swimming skills, water safety and the fitness and well-being of children.

This is an important point after the many drownings over the summer holidays.

There is a strong argument for a public swimming pool and associated leisure facilities at Berowra, based on community need, social issues and well-being. We live in a time  of  increased car usage, with people getting less exercise, and the resultant increases in diabetes, obesity and our being a less healthy community.

Berowra and the North Eastern area is big enough to support an indoor pool financially, and small enough to implement the important social changes relating to sustainability, pollution and global warming that have to be factored in.

This will ensure that all people have access to facilities at both district and village level.

The Berowra Pool is estimated as a stand alone unit that can be built on any suitable site. The study included various construction and funding options that demonstrated that properly managed, the pool would do better than break even and has strong community support. Local people have contributed more than their fair share towards other community facilities that are not in the North East District.

Other persuasive factors include a statistically high population of children, while traffic, travel and time issues are favorable. Council is part of a democratic governance process in which the job of councillors and officers is to fulfill community needs efficiently and effectively. If the people believe they need a pool and it’s proven they do, it’s reasonable for Council to build them one. Such a pool at worst would cost no more than a couple of ovals to buy and  manage.  Since funding options are available, it’s the Council’s job to do this. Council is currently looking at our report and considering our request.

This is an opportunity for all stakeholders to work together and build a relationship based on trust and respect that will benefit all the community.  It is an opportunity  to build a local culture of activity and swimming.

Readers can access the Berowra Pool Feasibility / Business Study on the Berowra and District Community Association Facebook page: ‘Where is the Berowra Pool?’
Mick Marr is the chair of the Berowra and District Community Association.
Email: mickandjanellemarr@hotmail.com

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