A tapestry of Beecroft history

If you, a relative or friend has a story of derring-do or heroism about how you came to live in Beecroft or Cheltenham, then the local historical society would love to hear it.

Rod Best from the 17 year-old Beecroft Cheltenham History Group (BCHG), is launching a new project and putting out feelers to locals. “We want to collect stories of people who’ve lived, or still live, in either Beecroft or Cheltenham,” said the BCHG President.

“The stories that we’re after concern their travels getting to these suburbs and forms part of the tapestry of our history. These stories may be about them surviving war or famine or treacherous seas or any other travails that people may have survived to settle here.

“Beecroft is multicultural and residents come from a huge range of places. Some stories that have come to light so far include one family fighting in the name of the last Russian Tsar and when the army was defeated by the Bolsheviks, they fled to China before settling in Beecroft.

“Another family were working in Singapore with the father the General Manager of a major oil company. In 1941 the wife and child travelled by ship to Sydney while the father stayed in Singapore, only for the father to die there when it was taken by the Japanese in 1942. We also have Vietnamese boat people who’ve told stories of escaping pirates, or others who fled the civil war in Sri Lanka.”

The stories will be included on the Beecroft Cheltenham History Group web page at www.bchg.org.au and published in a book to be called ‘Byways to Beecroft’. Contact the Society with your story at: enquiry@bchg.org.au. Stories can be anonymous if you’d prefer.

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