Developers moved into your street?

Know your basic rights and Council rules so that everyone is happy during the construction process

As a resident if you think or feel that the workmen in your area are breaking any rules, then just call Council and check with them what the conditions of the approved Development Application (DA) are. A Council Compliance Officer will go to the site and make sure all conditions are being met. They are usually very good.

Development Application approvals and conditions are available on the Council website. It helps to know the number of the DA but an address also works when searching. Conditions you may want to think about include:


  • Start and finish times – usually 7am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday


If workmen are on site and working after or before these hours they need a permit and local residents need to be notified by Council of extended hours.

Check the conditions of the approved DA as the hours of operation may differ from these. If workmen arrive early and create noise, you can complain!


  • Parking for developers vehicles and trucks attached to the site


There should be clear signs showing the Council approved ‘Work Zone” and no trucks parked anywhere else in the street, unless they are waiting to take away excavated material or delivering goods, and the site is already occupied.

They should not be blocking the traffic flow and there has to be a ‘traffic management’ company directing the flow.

‘Workmen ahead’ signs should be displayed at either end of the street, while

traffic cones blocking off parking spaces are allowed only with Council permission, usually for a specific duration. Trucks should not be parked in surrounding streets as they wait.


  • Mud and dirt on the street


This must be cleaned up both during the day and at the end of every day, preferably by a sweeper machine, though brooms and hoses also work well.

Sediment barriers must be in place on all street drains affected.


  • Rubbish and waste materials


All waste from demolition must be safely stored onsite or removed.

Skip bins should be on site, not on the pavement outside.

Asbestos must be removed according to Government requirements.

Rubbish from workers’ meals and refreshments must be disposed of onsite


  • Safety of pedestrians and vehicles


At all times pedestrian and vehicle safety must be a priority especially around schools and railway stations.

Increased development in our suburb is a given especially with new State Government edicts around railway hubs. Pennant Hills will be in the firing range but we hope that the Masterplan will avoid inappropriate and unplanned development and we can retain our leafy, friendly, clean and pretty suburb!

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