Your new roof – metal or tiles?

    When designing houses, you often get an array of questions about which products to use – it’s a normal part of the exciting building process. But one of the most frequent queries I hear is: “Should we use tiles or sheet metal on our house?” So here’s my outline of the benefits and shortcomings of both materials to help you make a decision.

    First, what is the architectural style of your home? What is your taste? I think it is best to start with these questions, then weigh up other key factors discussed below. Colorbond offers a very modern look with its clean lines, consistency and array of contemporary colours. Tiles offer a more traditional look; however, they too come in many different designs and colours and are also available in two different materials – concrete or terracotta.

    It is also important to consider noise pollution in your area when contemplating which roofing material to implement in your homes. Despite insulation and a ceiling in between, you will always hear the rain on a Colorbond roof. For some this may be considered a pleasant sound, but it can be disturbing during a heavy downpour or during turbulent winds. In those instances, tiled roofs are much quieter.

    If you have a water tank on your property then I would suggest you implement a Colorbond roof for water collection. Because tiles have a level of absorbency, you will get a much better result with Colorbond roofing. Tiles also tend to retain more dirt and dust than a metal roof, which will then filter down into your water tank.

    If your home has extensive verandas or eaves, a Colorbond roof will be the more desirable material. This is due to tiles needing a steeper pitch for water run off than Colorbond. Verandas require a shallower pitch roof which is much easier to achieve with Colorbond than tiles.

    Ultimately, most of us will consider cost over any other aspect when choosing tiles or metal roofing. Concrete tiles are over 20 per cent cheaper than Colorbond, so if you have a tight budget I would recommend tiles.

    So before you start getting quotes on a new roof, consider these aspects and find what is best for your needs.

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    District for over 20 years.

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