Decorating your home on a budget

    Just because you’re decorating without much cash doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style

    When it comes to decorating, it can be perceived an expensive task. But when money is scarce, it’s an opportunity to be more resourceful and creative.

    By re-purposing old objects around your house, displaying found or handed-down objects or even simply adding a feature wall can all offer new life and individuality to your home. Here are some simple tips to rejuvenate your home without breaking the bank.

    Chesty charms

    A new trend I’ve noticed is the use of vintage tea chests and crates (pictured) which don’t only offer an artistic flair to your house, but is also a great form of storage while adding an on-trend rustic or industrial style to your home.

    And if you have more than one, arrange the heavier chests as the base and build upwards for better balance, using each for a different storage purpose – from old photos to a hat collection or kids’ mementoes.

    Old trunks make great living room coffee tables and double as super-spacious repositories for blankets and throws you can haul out to snuggle into in front of a fire, in the winter months.

    A new lease of life

    It’s amazing what effect a fresh coat of paint can have on a room. Introducing a feature wall to a room can create a new energy and character and doesn’t cost a lot.

    Also, salvaging old items such as a tall boy or old chair and giving it a new hue can give these items a second lease of life. Remember to spray paint in a well-ventilated room or outside, and apply a good distance away to maintain an even coat, avoid patchiness and runs.

    Another great feature I’ve come across recently is collecting mismatching door handles to use as decorative coat hooks. Mismatching offers a quirky feel, though I suggest finding similar sized handles to create an even balance over the project.

    Upcycling roadside finds

    When the council has a collection in your area, drive around and see what’s been turfed out  – I’ve seen lovely tables (pictured), an Edwardian metal swing seat (pictured) and countless chairs all relegated to the roadside until a canny decorator or collector ha snapped them up and repurposed them. Their individuality adds a unique character to your home in these days when decorating trends are all about mismatching and having eclectic balance of items in a room.

    In the frame

    Lastly, consider reusing old picture frames. If the artwork inside it feels a little outdated, think about reusing the frame as it doesn’t need to have the sole purpose of holding artwork. Why not re-use them for travel pictures, collages, kids’ artwork, collections of favourite bits and pieces or family portraits. For larger frames, consider swapping the old art for a mirror.

    So if your place is feeling stale but you’re sticking to a budget, consider these useful ideas to refresh your home and save you dollars. We look forward to seeing what you’ve produced!

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