Asquith kids to travel further to school

A very hot topic at the latest BDCA meeting was the recent statement by the Education Department that high school students north of Asquith no longer have a right to go to either Asquith Boys or Girls High Schools. Instead they will be directed to go past these and on to Ku-ring-gai High at North Turramurra, or maybe one of the many private high schools south of Hornsby.

The BDCA reflected on the fact that there was once a plan to build a high school at Berowra but the land was sold and is now a housing estate. The BDCA will seek to have  a discussion with MP Matt Keen for clarification. They may also be able to discuss some of the issues below.

The sale of the $21m Sydney water site at Thornleigh/Westleigh to Hornsby Shire Council (HSC) for playing fields was discussed and it was identified that HSC knew about the pollution issues and endangered ecological plant communities back in the 1990s. The BDCA will continue to try to find out who will pay for the remediation of the polluted site and why it was not leased or loaned like most other public facilities.

Its reported remediation and building of these playing fields and many other projects will be postponed due to financial constraints as a result of partly abandoned and confounded council mergers that has resulted in HSC losing between 10% and 20% of its ratepayers and the income they provide. Some believe this will also be another excuse by Hornsby Council for not starting the Berowra pool that the majority of residents in the north east section of the shire need. However the BDCA will be lobbying to get in on the HSC projects list and work out the funding later. Our BDCA Berowra Pool Study showed affordable funding and constructions options.

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