Mt Colah Friends (from L to R) Jan Forbes, Susan Low and Mariko Smith at the morning tea
Mt Colah Friends (from L to R) Jan Forbes, Susan Low and Mariko Smith at the morning tea

One Friends of Mount Colah (FOMC) member has been travelling overseas and came across a sign about the ‘Concerned Citizens of Montauk, New York’. She sent me a text, joking about whether we should change our name to the ‘Concerned Citizens of Mount Colah’. It did make me think of what we’re concerned about in Mount Colah…is it the changing landscape? The sustainability of existing local infrastructure to support our growing population?  

Do we only really consider things that are close to home and local, as distinguished from the global and universal? We all lead busy lives and it’s hard to fit in time to fight for our causes.

As part of FOMC’s role in community building through our local network of residents and businesses, we helped organise events like Mount Colah’s Biggest Morning Tea at Bite Me Bakehouse, where FOMC teamed up with Mount Colah Neighbourhood Watch and Hornsby AOOB Children’s Hospitals’ Charity to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate; it’s a disease which unfortunately connects many of us through being or knowing a sufferer or survivor. Bite Me’s owner Anthony Courtney kindly donated a percentage of coffee sales that day. We ended up raising over $1000 for a very worthy cause.

We now look forward to organising another big community event for Mount Colah, and we encourage any interested local businesses and organisations to contact us via email: friends.of.mountcolah@gmail.com, or on Facebook: Friends of Mount Colah

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