Hornsby circus troupe hits big time

Dangling through the air on silk ropes has become second nature to pharmacist Nicole Cerruto. She’s one of five circus performers from the area who’ve just last month been selected to perform at the Australian Circus Festival later this year.

I’ve been training for about a year,” said Nicole, 29, from Waitara and works in a hospital pharmacy. “I train up to five hours a week, and enjoy the fun challenge that the aerial arts provide – being able to scale new heights and share my passion with an audience.”

Nicole and the four other circus artists are members of Circus Akimbo, a community circus school in Hornsby. “We pride ourselves on helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary things,” says head trainer Claire Reincastle.

“Our competitors are not full-time elite athletes – apart from Nicole, our other finalists include Edie who’s an executive assistant, Ian a physiotherapist and two teengers who are still at school.

“They’ve all worked really hard to earn this opportunity and we’re incredibly proud of them and their skills with various equipment including hula hoops, German wheel and flag poi.”

The Australian Circus Festival in western Sydney, is a national meeting point for circus performers, teachers and students to come together for workshops, forums and networking opportunities. “A highlight is the competition for entrants to perform in front of a jury of highly respected industry members and peers. Competitors this year include a current Cirque du Soleil soloist, members of Weber’s Circus and circus students from all over the world.”

Tickets are available online to attend the shows to support these local competitors, or follow their journey through social media on the Circus Akimbo Facebook page.

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28th October
Halloween Circus

4th November
Quirky Circus

13th – 16th November
Australian Circus Festival

For a full calendar of events go to: http://circusakimbo.com.au/events.php

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