Carnage near childcare centre

Local residents including John Farrar (far right) at the spot where the childcare centre will be
Local residents including John Farrar (far right) at the spot where the childcare centre will be

That’s the prediction from residents if it gets the go-ahead

A fatal car accident or catastrophic fire event is predicted if a 127 place child-care centre near the busy corner of Fox Valley Road and Comenarra Parkway in Wahroonga gets the green light.

The childcare centre has a protest group of over 110 local residents writing to the Council.

Determined to stop the plans, submitted by developers Kyrenia Enterprises.

They want to see the three block site reduced in size or relocated, citing serious traffic and fire safety concerns. The busy intersections already struggles to cope with around 2000 vehicles an hour at peak times, they say.

The entrance for the 127 users and 30 staff is on Comenarra Parkway, just three houses down from the intersection, and the exit is on the south side of Fox Valley Road.

“The trouble is,” says John Farrar, spokesperson for the residents, “there are accidents at that intersection every week. The centre is only a few houses from the intersection and as cars come up over the rise from both directions, visibility is very poor.

“There’s only occasionally a green or red arrow telling you when to turn right from Thornleigh – a lot of the time it isn’t there and that’s when these accidents happen, particularly with the extra 150 cars coming and going there twice a day.

“It makes turning right into the Centre from Thornleigh almost impossible at any time of day.”

The other issue is the houses behind the block border a bushfire zone. In 2006 a catastrophic bushfire came up to the rear of properties on the south side of Seymour Close – though the proposed site is not. The only egress is Fox Valley Road for around 350 houses in a collection of streets bordered by Kallang Parade, Leuna and Morona Avenues.

“If everyone is trying to escape a fire at the same time including 120 childcare attendees and 30 staff, the road will be even more blocked. It will prove absolutely catastrophic.

“Building anything that big in a bushfire zone is a very bad idea. It’s not a nimby notion, we’re just concerned about the traffic chaos especially during a fire evacuation.”

He said that Ku-ring-gai Council recently gazetted the area south of this intersection as a high fire risk zone, with requisite development restrictions. “Why then approve the siting of a child care centre immediately adjacent to a high fire risk zone?

“If it goes ahead I foresee a serious or fatal accident on that intersection. And if there’s a fire, it will be horrendous.”

DA applicant Sam Mamari when contacted by the Monthly Chronicle said: “I’m going to leave it up to the council to decide though if I need to amend the DA to keep everyone happy then that’s fine.”

Objections to the DA can be lodged until August 21. Ku-ring-gai Council will then consider the plans.

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