The elections – on speed

    Here’s your local Council election coverage – slimmed down – all you need to know in 5 minutes.


    In Hornsby the Mayor is popularly elected by the ratepayers. Here’s who’s throwing their hat into the Bushland Shire’s Mayoral ring, and what their goals for your shire are.


    • As Mayor, I will I stand up to developers and preserve our parks and bushland. I will support targets for planting street trees and continue to protect rural land at South Dural.

    • I will get funding for small businesses to go off grid, save money and be more sustainable. I will investigate cost-saving technologies like solar panels for the Aquatic Centre roof.

    • Most importantly, I will create a Council that listens to residents and works with them. Hornsby Council needs fresh ideas. My team and I are smart and committed: we have the energy and ideas to make our beautiful area even more special.


    • Engaging with the community – Council has to get out of the Council Chamber and participate in some real community discussions. I’d want to re-commence Ward Forums, but also use digital communication and video presentations to encourage residents to talk with Council.

    • Deliver community facilities – let’s see developer’s contributions used to deliver facilities like high density development areas getting ‘pocket parks’, upgrades for Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre, a Seniors Centre and Child Care Centre for Asquith.

    • Support local business – we’ve had an economic development program, staff and a regional economic development strategy – we need that back to support local businesses.

    LIBERAL: PHILIP RUDDOCK (running for Mayor only, not as a councillor)

    • Protect and preserve the unique character of our bushland shire: I will engage with the community with regular community consultation meetings. Also recent developments are an impediment to our community – the greening of built-up areas needs prioritising.

    • Strengthen services and infrastructure our community needs while ensuring that our council remains in a strong financial position. My understanding from the state government is HSC won’t be worse off for losing Epping.

    • Extend my proven track record of longstanding service and commitment to our local area and community. I’ve been in politics for 40 years and can use my experience to achieve better outcomes.


    • Supporting heritage, neighbourhood character and the environment across Hornsby shire, as well as improving local sporting facilities and reversing fee increases to community pre-schools.

    • Opposing any future attempts to amalgamate Hornsby with Ku-ring-gai. With the state government still committed to council amalgamations, the community needs to speak up at this election and say “NO!”

    • Putting the community ahead of insiders and lobbyists. The last five years has shown what happens when a political party controls a council. Local government should not be a place for party politics. We need to put the community ahead of lobbyists, insiders and factional bosses.


    • Lobby our State and Federal MPs to control over-development in our Shire which is impacting on our existing infrastructure (with congested roads and extra traffic) and lifestyle, such as the proposals at South Dural, Asquith and Mt Colah.

    • Protection of our sensitive flora and fauna Bushland Shire environment from pollution and destruction with bushland encroachment, unnecessary tree removal, sewerage leakage, and run-off.

    • No forced amalgamation. The return of the area south of the M2 to Hornsby Shire and to include the Epping CBD, holding a referendum if necessary.

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