Who’s who in the councillor race


Ku-ring-gai has five wards. All candidates standing for election or re-election are Independents, not endorsed by any party. (R) means standing for re-election and the (A) etc refers to the group they’re in.

The Mayor is elected by fellow councillors once the election results are finalised. At this stage the only person to declare their intention to stand for Mayor is existing Mayor Jennifer Anderson. If successful it will be her fifth term.

Comenarra: Jeff Pettett (R) (A), Catherine Ward (A), Callum Clarke (B), Jayamala Gupte (B).

Gordon: Peter Kelly (A), Anne Matheson (A), Rakesh Duncombe (B), Vanessa Hicks (B), Cheryl Szatow (R) (C), Jacqui Williams-Whymper (C), Greg Cook (D), Maria Cook (D).

Roseville: Sam Ngai (A), Tanya Smith (A), David Armstrong (R) (B), Liesel Bertram (B), Jennifer Anderson (R) (C), John Hepburn (C), Chiming Shea (D), Owen Houston (D), Kym Bonnefin.

St Ives: Christine Kay (A), Donny Zhao (A), David Citer (R) (B), Tony Mitchell (B), Martin Smith (C), Christiane Berlioz (R) (C), Richard Winderbaum.

Wahroonga: Cedric Spencer (A), Tony Pang (A), John Cronly (B), Geoff Turk (B), Donna Greenfield (C), Nick Bakker (C).


This will be the first time since 2012 that Hornsby residents have the opportunity to vote. Hornsby has three wards. Voting will be for a popularly elected Mayor and three Councillors elected from each of the three wards within the new boundaries. All candidates standing for election or re-election are either Independents, not endorsed by any party, Labour, Liberal or Greens. (R) means standing for re-election and the (A) etc refers to the group they’re in.

A: Liberal: Nathan Tilbury (A) (R), Warren Waddell (A), Anthea Roache (A);

Independents: Michael Smart (B), Stephen Holland (B), Lara Tattersall (B);

Labor: Michael Marr (C), Katie Gompertz (C), Warren Soos (C)

Independents: Michael Gallagher (D) (R), Mariko Smith (D), Verlaine Timms (D)

The Greens: David Sentinella (E), Junior Marchant (E), Megan Ash (E)

Others: Jarred Jordon (F), Ethan Jordan (F), John Bignold (F)

B: The Greens: Joseph Nicita (A), Stacey Purcell (A), Susan Hughes (A)

Independents: Christine Berman (B), Barbie Blake (B), Fionnuala Armstrong (B)

Labor: Janelle McIntosh (C), Luke Chapman (C), Joseph von Bornemann (C)

Liberal: Robert Browne (D) (R), Stephen Khouw (D), Usha Dommaraju (D)

C: Independents: Vincent Del Gallego (A), Craig Sutton (A), Debra Trainor (A)

The Greens: Emma Heyde (B), Monica Tan (B), Mohammad Khalid (B)

Independents: David Mitchell (C), Stanley Smith (C), Nicolas Berman (C)(R)

Labor: Justine Smillie (D), Michael Emerson (D), Philip Quigley (D)

Liberal: Michael Hutchence (E) (R), Jerome Cox (E) (R), Bernadette Meney (E)

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