Shock over Lindfield Green

Jenny Barlass

Lindfield businesses and residents are angry about the sudden approval of the Lindfield Village Green development.

They say they had no notice it was up for consideration by the Sydney North Planning Panel last week, with only one business owner receiving notice.

They’ve been left feeling “hoodwinked”, with Runaway Spoon owner Scott Blamey saying “democracy has gone out of the window.

“We haven’t been listened to all along,” said the furious cafe owner. “You could tell at the Panel meeting it was a done deal. They were just going through the motions by allowing us to have our say.”

After considerable opposition to the scheme due to “ill-conceived and inadequate parking and traffic flows” around the site became apparent,  Jennifer Anderson tabled a mayoral minute in February saying Council would consider adding another layer of car parking at to accommodate short-term and commuter needs.

Businesses were told this would take up to nine months to evaluate and that people would get regular updates. However these never eventuated and the DA was rubber stamped last week.

MP for Davidson Jonathan O’Dea, who expressed his “disappointment” at the outcome, said: “Transport for NSW will still fund 240 commuter spots across Lindfield.

“But Council cannot rely on the extra proposed state funded car spaces as a way of reducing the existing number of spaces they are proposing for short-term use at Lindfield Green.”

A Ku-ring-gai Council spokeswoman said that what has been approved is the DA, not the car parking issue, which is “within the six to nine month (mayoral minute) timeframe. A two storey car park with basement parking and a park on top was essentially what has been approved. The provision of parking forms part of the application but how it is delivered  is not being determined by the panel. It’s a matter for Council.”

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