Psychic medium comes to Hornsby

During a psychic reading
During a psychic reading

If you’ve ever wanted to contact one of your ‘departed’ relatives, here’s your chance.

Psychic medium Deb Webber, columnist and star of award-winning TV show ‘Sensing Murder’, is bringing her live show to Hornsby RSL on Tuesday, February 13.

As one of Australia’s most accurate mediums, this single mother of two has been relaying messages from spirits since she was a young child. Her first memory of seeing someone other worldly was as young as aged three.

“I can communicate with souls who’ve passed and give information to their living relative that they’re still here and that’s very comforting for them,” explains Deb. “It helps people through their grief and suffering, and takes some of the worry out of not knowing what’s happened to them.”

Her own life has been punctuated by severe trauma including domestic violence, a breakdown and depression. “I feel I’ve been made to have this suffering and trauma so I know how to help other people through theirs.”

She reveals some fascinating insights into the afterlife – like the fact that departed souls such as your parents, find each other in the afterlife if they were happy together in this one.

When a spirit jumps into her, an ‘embodiment’, it uses her. “A recent one I had was a red-haired alcoholic Maori. It made me act drunk to the audience. A photo of me doing this taken by a friend showed that wasn’t my face at all – it was his.”

She has also been the go-to medium for Ita Buttrose, Suzi Quatro, Michael Hutchence’s family, Burt Newton and the Irwin family. “I’ve spoken to Vincent van Gogh when his great great great nephew John, an artist from Melbourne contacted me.

“He wanted to go to the same places and paint the same things as his great great great uncle Vincent. That was one of the most extraordinary readings ever. I’ve also helped with finding missing people in murder cases.”

Deb will bring her remarkable gift to Hornsby in one of three Sydney shows in which she will walk through the audience giving spontaneous readings and connecting chosen people to their loved ones in spirit and answering audience queries about them.

“Sometimes they’re cheeky, sometimes sad, sometimes humorous – but they’re always inspiring and insightful for those receiving the reading and for those in the audience who get to witness the extraordinary detail that I can bring through from spirit.”

Following the show, Deb will host a Q & A session and a Tibetan Crystal Bowl meditation at the end “to send everyone home calm, safe and with the right spirits”.

Deb’s Live Show at the Hornsby RSL,  Tuesday, February 13. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are $58 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $58 at or call (07) 5442 5174 for more information. To win a pair of free tickets, email: with your name, email address and mobile or landline number.


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