So much more than the HSC at Hills Grammar

So much more than the HSC at Hills Grammar
So much more than the HSC at Hills Grammar

There will always be contention around league tables and comparisons when it comes to education. It’s understandable – parents need a starting point to make decisions on their children’s schooling. Some parents choose a completely different set of criteria specific to their children’s needs, talents and goals.

Whatever your starting point, at Hills Grammar we aim to nurture the individual’s strengths and talents to realise their full potential and guide the students to the best possible outcome. In the short term, for the vast majority of students, this means entry into their first or second option for tertiary learning; optimising their ATAR score. Very different to the school’s ‘HSC Top 100’ placing; the student’s individual ATAR is what counts when it comes to university entrance. With around 30% gaining ATARs over 90 in 2017, the vast majority of Hills graduates achieved their academic goal.

Thinking in the longer term, what stays with graduates after their school days are well and truly behind them, are the experiences they have had, the relationships formed, and the deeper learning that is testament to a quality education. More than the HSC, in other words.

Brianna from the Class of 2017 reflects: “Hills Grammar’s core values of respect, integrity, service, and excellence have become ingrained in my own value system. The countless opportunities to extend myself have contributed to the development of my abilities and perspective of the world.

“The physical and social environment of Hills has supported the development of each student. Additionally, the sound of native wildlife whilst in the classroom serves to remind students of the grand scheme of things, providing a sense of serenity.

“My experience at Hills Grammar was invaluable. The lifelong friendships I’ve made and foundational skills that I’ve developed will remain with me and positively influence my future. As the school has grown, the students have developed alongside the campus to become Hills Originals, each with their own strengths. Among the Hills is where I found joy and I’m proud to forever be a Hills Grammarian.”

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