Not just for floors!

Neil Turrell

When shopping around for new wall and floor surfaces, put tiles on your shopping list for their durability and style.

If you’re considering what floor and wall coverings to use, think about using tiles.

They offer something for just about every taste. Along with their beauty, there are a number of reasons why tiled floors and walls are both a practical and popular option.

Tiles can be made from glass, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. One of the main benefits of ceramic floor and wall tiles is ease of maintenance. The tiles require no special cleaning solution, tend to be stain resistant, and don’t absorb odours, making it easier to clean and environmentally friendly, as just a mild cleansing solution and mop can clean up any spills or dirt.

Ceramic tiles can also stand up to heavy traffic and abrasion, so kids, pets and lots of visitors are no problem. There’s also no shrinking or expanding as with wood products, which keeps the chemical structure of the ceramic intact for the long term, contributing to its durability.

Porcelain floor tiles are fired at very high temperatures and are denser than their ceramic counterparts and so offer better chip resistance. This makes porcelain tiles a great floor solution for outdoor and indoor areas.

For a timeless look that rarely dates, consider natural stone. This is my preference as nothing else seems to convey a sense of timeless elegance as much as natural stone.

Over time, the colour will mellow and the surface will wear to a smooth patina. Each piece is unique and conveys a history with every line, colour and fossil remainder that was once alive. Natural stone is available in pavers and tiles and comes in various sizes and finishes.

So if you’re considering renovating or are currently carrying out extensions, consider tiles as a flooring option. They don’t only look great, but also offer many economic and practical benefits.             _____________________________________________________________________   Turrell Building Services has been designing and building on the North Shore and in the Hills District for over 20 years.

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