Avoiding kitchen design mistakes

Neil Turrell

A lot of activity happens in the kitchen – meal preparation, dining, catching up with family and friends over coffee. So it’s so it is important that the room is both functional and beautiful. This raises many do’s and don’ts when designing your kitchen – so let’s highlight a few so you don’t make the same mistakes.

1.Don’t obstruct access to the kitchen triangle. The triangle is used in reference to the sink, stove and refrigerator, as it’s the area with the greatest activity and requires careful planning. Of the three areas, the sink will have the most activity so it should be the central point of the triangle.  If plumbing is a problem and is disrupting the flow of the triangle, consider relocating drains and plumbing to best accommodate the sink.

2.Don’t waste storage space. Kitchens generally contain a lot of stuff. Not only that, but items are often oddly shaped or require a lot of space. This causes issues when trying to create enough storage room but also keeping appliances and necessities easily accessible. To avoid these problems, do plenty of planning and forethought. If your kitchen is small, consider installing extra-long upper cabinets with molding for extra space, and always install cabinets over the refrigerator. Place lighting along the molding to draw the eyes up and create a sense of space and less clutter.

3.Don’t ignore counter-top work space. One of the biggest errors I see is the lack of countertop space people install in their kitchens. When planning, consider all the kitchen activities that require a countertop, as well as appliances that are permanently located there like the kettle, toaster and juicer.

4.Ensure there’s enough lighting. The kitchen is one room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting – not just for design and atmosphere but for safety. When planning, evaluate the areas which will generate the most activity and require the best lighting.

So when planning your kitchen, think carefully and take time to consider both the atmosphere and practical elements the design needs to encapsulate, to ensure your kitchen is both beautiful and functional and make every square inch count.

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