Communications in Hornsby Shire


From the new Hornsby councillors this year we hear that public comment is wanted. State and Federal representatives have also expressed a desire to hear from us.

What of past communications? Is it surprising that we are non-communicative?

A neighbour recently contacted Hornsby Council about a bus shelter that was in need of repair. The first response was “not out problem.” He then had to research and find who was responsible which turned out to be Council – and again he asked for help. Having to explain why the repairs were necessary, he was asked to confirm his request in writing. When the work was accepted as necessary, a councillor met him on site to discuss it. The stunning comment the councillor made was that it was not originally considered an issue as he was the only complainant.  Little wonder the result is lack of communication.

We are however pleased with the Council make up being more diverse this term and certainly with people who seem more interested in us and it’s our hope that they don’t get beaten down by the system.

There’s also a need for residents and citizens to keep asking for things, despite Council claiming hard economic times. Council created for itself the hard times – quarries being filled; land purchases not suitable for purpose without massive rectification works; giving away a section of Council area early and failing to get it back or compensation for it.

Our Council retained staff despite shrinking size and income. I sense another levy or special rate rise coming. Is this why they need our comments – to soften us up for the increases? It may then be claimed that we want so much that an increase is justified. Watch this page. ______________________________________________________________________  Contact John at:

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