Bikeshare in Hornsby Shire

The dumped Bikeshare bikes on the nature strip
The dumped Bikeshare bikes on the nature strip

I had a problem with Bikeshare before last Christmas when four hire bikes were left Off Hire on the footpath outside my home. The heavy things could not be rolled because of the locks, so stayed put for a lengthy spell.

This raised an issue about what can we do. Perhaps help to fill a disused quarry?

We had a discussion of what to do and agreed to raise it with government – local, State and Federal.

We suggested the Feds slap an import duty on the Chinese manufacturer or the importer to make them worthwhile to recover, but the minister advised that would be against some trade agreement.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance said Bikeshare is a private company and must abide by the rules for footpaths which of course are a Local Government responsibility and not his. He thought I would be pleased to know that Hornsby was a member of NSROC who were currently forming a working group to develop a uniform response to Bikeshare schemes. (Visions of ‘Yes Minister’ anyone?)

The local council was surprised they were here and gave me a number for the company and the call centre in Manila said they would put this on urgent pick up.

Seriously – crowded footpaths (with Bikes), crowded land (with High Rise), crowded schools, roads, hospitals, railway car parks  – residents have to put up with everything and anything government bureaucrats and elected members dish out in the name of progress.

It seems they don’t or won’t listen to our needs. They are more for enacting “rules” that in the long term does anything except improve our life. The fact is we can do diddly squat to maintain our environment created by us for us.

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