Epping’s Priority Precinct is my priority

Damien Tudehope, MP for Epping

The Treasurer delivered the NSW budget in June and NSW remains one of the strongest economies in the country, boasting a $3.9 billion surplus and the lowest unemployment rate of any state for three consecutive years.

There was one line in particular in the Treasurer’s speech that really stood out for me when he said: “We do not control the levers of population growth in our state. But we do control how we respond.”

This underpins the thinking behind the delivery of Priority Precincts. As a government, we could do nothing and allow Sydney’s growth to sprawl haphazardly, which would be the easy thing to do. Or we could make the tough decisions, and tackle the challenges that seem too difficult for some governments, to ultimately leave a better Sydney for future generations to come.

Growth in Sydney, which we know is inevitable, should be concentrated near train stations. This is particularly important if we want to change Sydney’s culture of car addiction, where we dismiss other modes of transport in favour of driving, so often with the driver being the only occupant. This is a concept that I sympathise with and the argument to change our car culture is compelling.

This brings me to the Epping Priority Precinct and the challenges that accompany it. Epping was one of the first Urban Activation Precincts (now known as Priority Precincts) announced in 2012. When the final report was released in 2014 there were a number of infrastructure recommendations as part of the delivery of the Priority Precinct, including the widening of Epping bridge.

The Priority Precinct has led to an unprecedented amount of change in the Epping town centre, and with those changes come a number of challenges.

When I was elected in 2015, I made the Epping town centre one of my top priorities. It was clear that development, traffic, and parking were the issues of most concern to local residents. During this time I have been working with key stakeholders to deliver better outcomes for local residents.

Residents within the Epping electorate can be assured that I will continue to fight for the best possible outcomes for local residents at every opportunity, and I hope they will return me as the member for Epping in 2019.

Delivering better outcomes for local residents in Epping

*Bringing the Epping town centre under one local government area DELIVERED
*Working with the City of Parramatta to initiate the Epping Planning Review DELIVERED
*Lobbying the NSW Government to fund the widening of Epping Bridge ONGOING
*Joining residents in calling on council to keep Epping Pool open SUCCESSFUL
*Working with the City of Parramatta and the NSW Government to develop a strategy for the future of Epping Aquatic Centre ONGOING
*The delivery of a lift at Beecroft station FUNDING  SECURED


Major upgrades for local schools

*Cherrybrook Technology High – 18 new classrooms ALMOST COMPLETE
*Carlingford Public School – 20 new classrooms IN PROGRESS
*Epping Public School – 22 new classrooms IN PROGRESS


Opposing Inappropriate development

*Speaking at planning panel meetings to oppose high-rise in the Epping town centre ONGOING
*Opposing inappropriate development in South Dural SUCCESSFUL


Securing grants funding for local schools

*Over $500,000 in grants for local schools since 2015 DELIVERED
*No government school that has applied for funding has missed out DELIVERED


Funding for cycleways in Epping

*$5 million for a cycleway between Pennant Hills and Epping DELIVERED
*$1 million toward a cycleway between Epping and Carlingford DELIVERED


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