Berowra steps up to help farmers

Fred Rogers famously said: “Look for the helpers” and that’s exactly what can be found in the amazing community of Berowra and surrounding suburbs: helpers. The drought in our regions is looking like it will have a long-term effect on the community and the economy: so help has been called for and the Berowra community has answered that call. Wideview Public School had a Crazy Hair day and mufti with the aim of raising $1,000. The Berowra Tavern is donating $1 from every schnitzel and $4 from every parma sold in August. Does it get anymore Aussie than that?

Marilyn Roberts has been putting the call out to knitters to help keep them keep the lambs warm. The result is these colourful, snug little coats and possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The Berowra Uniting Church markets had the farming community as the beneficiary of their raised funds, hitting $1,600.

Local legend James Wheeler is doing a run up to Nambucca to collect food and water in the next couple of weeks and then he’ll be heading to Tamworth. Berowra Lions raised over $1,100 in their sausage sizzle to go towards the Need For Feed. Laverne Saunders (as a leader in her work with Need For Feed) has, for some time, been taking trips out west as part of the Need For Feed convoy to deliver much needed supplies. This project has been going since 2006 and they also supply emergency fodder and transport during drought as well as stock and animal feed. Laverne has been instrumental in this project while working alongside Berowra APEX who are also organising a Road Trip to support Farmers in Drought.

In their usual flamboyant form Berowra APEX has been a spearhead in this too,, organising a Road Trip to support Farmers in Drought. They started their convoy at the start of August, following the Berowra Woodchop on 12 August 2018, where there was a ‘Drought Relief’ stand. I have no doubt the woodchop will see this amazing community unite to help those in need.

Preschools, daycares and community groups have all been collecting food, nappies, toiletries and money to send to our regions. Everyone has been affected by this and everyone is helping.

It’s heartening to see and everyone should be proud of the helpers in our community. Every little helps.

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