Gladys – enough is enough!

Finally, the Berejiklian Government is having a moment of pause in their developer-driven destruction of our suburbs.

Planning Minister Roberts responded last May to the pressure caused by the rapid growth of apartments by saying he will put a suspension on new residential developments in Ryde and Canterbury Bankstown.

Has our State Government and their mouthpiece, the Greater Sydney Commission, finally listened to the uproar among residents regarding the rapid spread of high-rise developments and the new laws allowing increased medium density in our R2 residential areas? The Government may have finally realised that it is the residents, not their developer friends, who will determine whether they’re re-elected next March.

What this Government needs to understand is that Sydney’s growing pains are not limited to these two council areas. All of Sydney is feeling the strain, with overcrowded trains, increased traffic congestion, crowded schools, loss of heritage, open space and amenity for residents.

This Government has to listen to constituents and suspend new residential development across Sydney until infrastructure and services can absorb it. It also needs to rescind its flawed Medium Density laws which are just crowding more people into smaller spaces in existing suburbs. As complying development, this destructive and irresponsible medium density law does not require Council, transport or services to assess whether an area can even support it.

This Missing Middle code is so flawed that already four councils have been granted a 12 month delay from its July 2018 introduction, with another five councils seeking deferrals and more to come. Minister Roberts states that there was extensive consultation, with FOKE among hundreds of submissions. However the Planning Minister never listened or altered the code in the face of nearly universal opposition for the medium density code to be complying development!

If the only way this Government can meet its GDP growth targets and keep its coffers full are by selling Sydney to developers, what a short-sighted government we have.

Now is the time to act! Contact our Ku-ring-gai MPs, both State and Federal, and let them know your opinions. We have both a state and federal election in 2019, now we need strong statements that things will change!

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