The Hornsby Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in association with Sydney
Alliance is holding a special Forum on Affordable Housing in the Boronia Room of
Hornsby RSL Club from 7– 9pm on Monday, October 29th.

Based on the premise that everyone has a RIGHT TO HOME, key players in the local
housing market including: developers, builders and real estate representatives will join local and state politicians, representatives of key government departments as well as
representatives of local NGOs (Non Government Organisations) to discuss approaches for
increasing the availability of more affordable housing for private renters.

Many thousands of words and reams of paper have been filled on the topic of housing in
both our city and throughout our state, yet for those on moderate and low incomes little has been achieved.

Until the recent housing boom, Homelessness along with Social and Affordable Housing
were issues on the backburner for most politicians, sent to the ‘too-hard basket’ or
overlooked because they were not perceived to have any vote pulling appeal.
Now, the call is out from the Commission for Greater Sydney for local Councils to provide
Housing Strategies that will address the mix of Housing and the Infrastructure to cope with
increased local populations on both the 6 and 20 year future horizons. Furthermore,
incumbent and would-be state representatives are increasingly aware that Housing and
Infrastructure are key issues for the May 2019 Election and while recent proposed changes
to the Residential Tenancies Act are welcome they do little to remove unfair evictions by

Vinnies NSW CEO, Jack de Groot said,

“Vinnies knows that Sydney is at its best when everyone can afford to live in the community, close to their work, schools and families.

“Vinnies also recognises that communities thrive when the inhabitants have a stable roof
over their heads. This is sadly not the case with over 60,000 households on the public 10
year + housing waiting list and only one percent of rental properties affordable for those
earning the minimum wage.”

Growing competition has caused rents to skyrocket and tenancy laws that tend to favour
landlords mean that many service workers such as: Police; Nurses; Health Care workers;
Cleaners and Fire Fighters are shut out and forced to live miles from their work places.
Vinnies seeks a commitment from those in political and industry leadership roles to find
practical solutions to the housing affordability crisis.

This Forum is a chance to air the problems faced by those who do not have a RIGHT TO
HOME and to encourage leaders in both business and politics to DO THE RIGHT THING!

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