Asquith businessman helps support autistic workers

Michael and Tim work on a puzzle. Tim appeared on ABC's Employable Me.
Michael and Tim work on a puzzle. Tim appeared on ABC's Employable Me.

Asquith local Michael Tozer has been awarded $85,000 from the Optus Future Maker programme to help autistic Aussie’s into work through the use of his app, Xceptional. Michael won the largest amount of money handed out in the programme this year.

After hearing about the issues his autistic sister has had in the workplace, and thinking ahead of career opportunities for his autistic son, Michael wanted to use his 15 years of tech experience to make a product that could help others with autism.

Xceptional is a technology services firm which recognises the unique strengths of people with autism such as pattern recognition, sustained concentration and precision that are closely aligned with IT roles.

The technology basically turns the regular hiring process on its head by matching people based on their strengths. Rather than an interview, the technology will produce a number of games (such as a pattern recognition game) in which the interviewee will play. How the interviewee fairs in the games will determine the kind of role they are best suited for in the workplace. It’s pretty cool as it also gets rid of the standard interview process many people with autism struggle with.

Xceptional has also just been nominated for the Google Impact Challenge Australia for their work developing an innovative approach to activity-based job interview assessments by creating a world-first app.

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Mike Tozer is the Guinness World Record Holder for running a half marathon in a three piece suit. On Wednesday 24th October he sprinted approximately 45km between seven of Sydney’s biggest businesses to thank them for their support employing people with autism, and drum up 40,000 more votes in a bid to secure $1 million in funding from the Google Impact Challenge. If you want to support Mike too, go to

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