Your Side Celebrates Sydney Harbour Bridge’s Milestone

Your Side is celebrating Sydney’s newest milestone – the modern lifts on both ends of the Sydney Harbour Bridge that allows access of the bridge to EVERYONE.

To celebrate the occasion, Your Side took customers on wheelchairs and their helpers for a trip to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge using the brand-new state of the art lifts.

“I am delighted that the national icon is now step-free. After 86 years of its existence, finally the Sydney Harbour Bridge is accessible to people with a disability and those over 65, who have difficulty climbing the stairs to reach the footpath on the bridge,” said Danielle Ballantine, CEO Your Side.

“Your Side is very excited that our customers are one of the first groups to be going on the iconic structure using the step free access. They had never seen it before and were thrilled about the new experience. It has also come in perfect time for the Invictus Games. We thank the New South Wales Government.”

Your Side took six customers on wheelchairs and their helpers for a visit to the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Saturday 20 October at 11.30am.

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