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Lebanese food is considered very healthy and has been voted in the past as the sixth healthiest cuisine in the world. You can see why as their primary dishes are based around vegetarian, vegan, plant based, products that are home grown and seasonal.

There is no sugar used in the preparation of dishes, only spices and herbs are used to add flavours.

Traditionally starting with nuts, drinks and moving onto a feast of mezze, This is the biggest selection of food. Hommous, babaganoush, labne (yoghurt), tabouli, fattoush (traditional garden salad served with fried bread and sumac), fried cauliflower, falafel, vine leaves, garlic, pickles, tomato, cucumber, fresh radish and lettuce are all eaten with bread. Meat features in popular today dishes like Kibbe Nayeh and Kafta.

A national treasure dish, Kibbe Nayeh, is raw lamb pounded into a fine paste mixed with cracked wheat, spices and various ingredients depending on the region of Lebanon. Kafta is course minced lamb, onion, parsley and spices which can also be served in different ways.

Charcoal cooking is a favourite way to enjoy lamb, Kafta and chicken using metal skewers which allows meat to be cooked to perfection whilst charring chilli, corn and potatoes.

Byblos is a place in Lebanon on the Mediterranean coast about 26 miles north of Beirut, and was built by the Phoenicians. It ís believed to have been first occupied between 7000-8800 BC.

Lebanese migration to Australia in our area commenced in the early 20’s. Families living in Thornleigh, Westleigh, Normanhurst originated from a small village Bann (Bane French) 132 kms from Beirut. Bann is a very holy and spiritually held location near The Valley of Qadisha known as the Valley of the Saints.

Due to the lack of opportunities in Lebanon, families started migrating from Bann in the 20’s and residing at Redfern. Housing was a major problem and through the generosity of a few people, families then moved to Wahroonga and Waitara, finally establishing a farm in Central Avenue (where the current McDonalds Head Quarters are), and Chilvers Avenue.

Joe’s uncle Tony Hassarati, the first of his family, arrived in Thornleigh in 1947. He lived and worked on the farm for a couple of years selling mens ties and using his hawkers permit to gain an income in order to bring his siblings to Australia.

Uncle Tony became friends with Captain Patrick and they drove around in a chauffeur driven car and was able to earn a better living as a hawker. His grandfather bought land on Pennant Hills Road Thornleigh where the families still live today.

Drawing from the historic site, lebanese families who have migrated throughout the world hold the sacredness of Bylos in their hearts and that is why Joe and his son Julian, who are the faces of Byblos Grill, named their business as a form of respect to their heritage.

Byblos Grill can provide you with delicious healthy lebanese cuisine.

Byblos Grill
Where: 74 Yarrara Rd, Pennant Hills, NSW 2120
Tel: 9484 9579

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