Indigo Bar and Bites

You live around a quiet suburb. It is 5:30 pm, and you have just finished another nine to five routine. The monotony is deflating. You wish you could unwind to music, food and wine. You do not wish to navigate noisy crowds. Is there a door open for a pleasant ambience that relaxes and rejuvenates? Step through the doors of the Indigo bar, and leave your cares behind. As Indigo takes over…

This is what I felt as I allowed my gaze to linger on the inviting wall murals, the soothing lighting and the inviting seats. Indigo is a bar with a difference – owned by locals for locals – Indigo prides itself on the care and precision of its service. The music playing in the background had a retro feel to it – it had a beat without the bluster. The bartenders – Brydie and Goutham or B and G, as they like to be called, are often on hand to a have a little chat that welcomes you without seeming overtly patronizing.

Indigo is a bar with a small bar concept, seating only fifty at any given time. The bar offers a good selection of wines, with the list growing each day to cater to customer requests. ‘We place great value on customer feedback’, confided Goutham, and we would like Indigo’s growth to be guided by our patrons. We want our patrons to imbibe the truth in our motto – ‘An Indigo patron the first time is an Indigo patron forever’.

I am given to understand that the star of Indigo is their interesting range of cocktails! For whisky lovers, you have a few options with “The Old fashioned, Sazerac and Manhattan”. According to Brydie, the cocktails that have truly resonated with the patrons have been “the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and the Long Island”. I chose to have the Lychee Martini which combined the zing of the Martini with the freshness of Lychee to perfect a drink that tingled the senses and initiated my relaxation.

The accompanying finger food includes favourites with a twist, albeit a pleasantly interesting one. The buffalo wings come with sauces of your choice, and for people who dare, there is the ‘Are U Crazy’ sauce; The crispy, succulent salt and pepper calamari is made to gastronomical perfection – I could have happily devoured a whole plate instead of sharing it around the table. The crackling prawns is yet another dish that you would like to bite into as you sip on the alcoholic beverage of your choice. The bar also caters for the vegetarian palate through the lip smacking arancini balls, the Untamed Fries drizzled with molten cheese, nachos and the Soya Bomb.

Indigo is often frequented by soccer mums, school mums, and ladies who combine work and fun, in a setting that spells safety. Additionally, its proximity to the Thornleigh station (just a hop and a skip from the station) also draws the residents returning from work. The music, the drinks and the food combined with an ambience of relaxation provided me with the kind of evening that my heart ordered – I stepped in on a weekday. Since opening its doors 6-7 weeks ago, Indigo does tend to get busy over the weekend. The place is getting popular with the locals who also love the fact that the bar is open till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. One needn’t worry about parking as there is ample parking available behind the bar.

The Music – Absolutely phenomenal, particularly for a retro lover like me. Brydie sums it up pretty well: “Our music is pre – 1999, we take pride in the selection of the songs played at Indigo. From the 50’s to the late 90’s, from Frank Sinatra to the Abba’s – we have it all. As the evening progresses the tempo of the music picks up and patrons are often seen lip syncing every song and swaying in gay abandon. We take pride in being a local small bar with a leaning to retro… hence the tag line – Indigo, the local retro bar.”

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