Crossing supervisors at Beecroft School

Karen is one of our two valuable crossing supervisors at Beecroft Public School. She looks after the kids crossing Copeland Rd as it bisects Beecroft Rd. Her watchful eye has been working for the community for nearly 27 years. I asked why she loved her job so much that she has been doing it for so long. She answered that she loves the children and her interaction with them. When she had to go to hospital for surgery, the outpouring of love was enormous. So many cards and flowers.

Karen very generously feels that her co crossing supervisor, Graham, has a much more difficult job. He looks after the kids crossing Copeland Rd west of Beecroft Rd. Graham’s tour of duty has not been as long as Karen’s. When I asked him why he chose this job, he answered that after many years as an accountant, he wanted to give back to the community. He enjoys watching the children grow and become more responsible.

Neither Karen nor Graham react immediately to a child appearing at the crossing. The children must learn courtesy to the motoring public and that a pedestrian crossing does not provide an invisible shield of protection.

We are fortunate to have two such admirable human beings looking after our kids as they cross busy roads.

Thank you, Karen and Graham.

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